Why Does My Cat Knead Me But Not My Husband: Most Common Reasons

Cats are some of our favorite pets, but sometimes they exhibit weird behavior. One common thing you might notice is cat kneading. The strangest thing is that your cat will knead you and not your husband. That is what has happened to me; all I could think about at that moment was, “Why does my cat knead me but not my husband?” There are many reasons why this may happen, and I intend to explore them in this guide. If you don’t like being woken up by your cat kneading in the middle of the night, I also have some tried-and-tested tips to help control this behavior.

My name is Gregory Hogan, and I work as a professional photographer and journalist. I have studied cat behavior and training very closely. My cat experience puts me in a unique position to tackle the issue of cats kneading.

Why Do Cats Knead Things with Their Paws

Cat lying on the sofa

Numerous theories may explain why cats knead things with their paws. As kittens, cats will knead their mother’s mammary glands as they stimulate the flow of milk. This behavior seems to be carried on into adulthood, but instead of their mother’s mammary glands, they will knead on other surfaces such as pillows and clothes. Some experts have theorized that domestic cats inherited this behavior from their ancestors, who had to make the same kneading motion as they created sleeping nests.

Why Does My Cat Knead Me But Not My Husband

My cat kneading me at night can feel nice, but why do they knead on one person and not the other? Here are some theories I have come up with: 

They knead people who they are most bonded with

A cat kneading me shows that it is bonded to me and feels comfortable and secure around me. Generally, they will knead people who make them feel positive emotions. It is possible for your cat to live with you and your husband but only develop a bond with you. It is worth noting that this has nothing to do with gender, as many people think. Some cats can be bonded more to your husband and not you. That being said, they will knead the woman more often than the man