Cat Emergency Kit – Best Ready-Made and Custom Options in 2021

From hurricanes to earthquakes, from riots to pandemics – we never know when any of these disasters may strike. While most people always have an emergency kit with basic supplies and hydration for their families, it is vital to have one for pets, as well. A cat emergency kit should be packed with the essential item your cat may require if you have to stay at home or somewhere else for some period. 

I have reviewed dozens of products for cat owners on this blog. Recently, I have seen the need to inform cat owners about emergency preparedness and, therefore, picked four products to review. Each cat emergency kit in this article stands out for a different reason. I will describe the items in the kits, how useful these packs are, as well as the pros and cons of buying such packages.

Cat Emergency Kits of My Choice:

My Pick
ER Emergency Ready Ultimate Deluxe Pet Survival Kit for Two...
The most comprehensive kit with all necessary items.
Redfora Complete Emergency Bag for Cats - Keep Your pet Safe...
Packed in a sturdy backpack.
Pet Evac Pak, LLC Premium Cat Emergency Survival Kit with...
Comes with an airline-approved cat carrier.
Pet Evac Pak, LLC Premium Cat Emergency Survival Kit Without...
Contains all the essentials one may need.

Top Four Cat Emergency Kits to Buy in 2020

If you are a handy cat owner who knows their way around pet stores, you can easily pack a cat emergency kit on your own. However, if you do not have the time or knowledge necessary to create such a package, buying a ready-made one is the best option. Here are four outstanding kits that you can buy online.

1. Nora’s Pick – An All-in-One Emergency Cat Kit

This bag of essentials simplifies the process of choosing what your cat needs in case of quarantine. It contains items for feeding, hydrating, and keeping your pet warm as you wait for the situation to become better. 

As far as food goes, the kit has a three-day supply of vacuum-sealed pet food. A three-day amount of water is also included in sealed water pouches that can stay fresh for five years from the date of manufacture. Water treatment tablets are added to ensure that you can offer your cat clean water even after the pouches are depleted. 

For your convenience, the kit has two collapsible bowls that are easy to clean and won’t take up a lot of space in the bag. Also, the thermal blanket is warm enough to provide treatment and aid recovery if needed. It can also provide shade or warmth, depending on the weather and conditions around. 

A bright lightstick is also included in the package. This lightstick provides enough lighting in the dark that is necessary for cats suffering from anxiety. You can also attach the stick to your pet’s collar to keep track of it while traveling somewhere in the dark. Here is a list of all the contents of this emergency kit:
  • 6 emergency water pouches, each containing 4.2 oz.
  • 1 pack of nonperishable cat food;
  • 1 thermal blanket;
  • 12 toilet bags;
  • 1 nylon cord;
  • 2 collapsible food/water bowls;
  • 10 water purification tablets;
  • 1 green lightstick that can last for twelve hours;
  • 1 pet emergency decal;
  • 1 pet leash;
  • 1 pet survival guide;
  • 1 cat toy.
  • The most comprehensive kit with all necessary items;
  • Affordable;
  • Approved by the US coast guard.

  • The bag is too small for all the items.

2. Runner Up Emergency Kit for Cats – Redfora

This cat emergency kit, packed in a brightly colored hiker’s backpack, contains all you would need for your cat during a disaster. It has enough food, water, and essential tools to last three days and more without worries.
The pack contains a collar and a leash that enhance the visibility of your pet. These items make it more likely for your cat to be found in case of any situation. The great quality of this kit is that it has medical supplies that can help you to take care of your injured pet if needed. Here is a list of all the items in the bag:
  • 8 oz cat food;
  • 6 water bags, each containing 4 oz;
  • 10 tablets for water purification;
  • 1 glow stick that can last for twelve hours;
  • 1 blanket;
  • 1 body warmer that can last for sixteen hours;
  • 1 pet first aid kit that has 107 medical supplies;
  • 1 feeding bowl;
  • 1 cat collar with a bell;
  • 1 reflective leash;
  • 1 can opener;
  • 1 nylon rope that is fifty feet long;
  • 50 pet waste bags;
  • Cat toys.
  • Features a comprehensive medkit;
  • Packed in a sturdy backpack;
  • Lightweight.

  • Expensive.

3. A Great Emergency Preparedness Kit for Cats with Carrier – Pet Evac

Pet Evac is known for its high-quality kits for pets to use in case of a disaster, and this one is no exception. It stands out for having an airline-approved carrier that is strong, breathable, and spacious enough for your cat’s comfort. 
The carrier is also waterproof and has a padded bed that can double up as shelter during a disaster. Moreover, you can add layers of cloth at the bottom to absorb any spills made and keep the carrier as clean as possible. 
The pet first aid supplies present in this pack will help to deal with anything. The package contains dressings, bandages, antiseptic, and scissors, among other items. These options are convenient to have in case your cat gets hurt. The basic first aid information in the cat emergency kit will help you to treat minor injuries in case of any.
All the supplies are provided in a cinch bag that can be kept separately while your cat stays in the carrier. When the carrier is not in use, the cinch bag can be placed inside. Here is a list of the items in the kit:
  • Airline approved carrier;
  • Cat food;
  • 12 water bags, each containing 4.2 oz;
  • 2 silicone food bowls;
  • 1 first aid bag;
  • 1 leash;
  • 1 warm blanket;
  • 1 light;
  • 1 water-resistant ID card holder;
  • 1 disposable litter box;
  • 1 pack of litter;
  • 1 litter scoop;
  • 1 roll of pet waste bags;
  • 1 cat toy.
  • Comes with an airline-approved cat carrier;
  • Has a comprehensive medical kit;
  • Has a roll of pet waste bags.

  • A cinch bag may be too small for additional items.

4. A Helpful Cat Survival Kit in Cinch Bag with Essentials – Pet Evac

If you already have a cat carrier, you can still get a high-quality survival kit from Pet Evac in a cinch bag. It is more affordable than the pack that includes the carrier. This option is also more portable, as the cinch bag can be worn like a backpack, leaving your hands free to carry your cat or any other items that you will need to go with. 

You may find the cinch bag too fragile for a disaster situation, or you may worry about it ripping or taking water in. However, the bag is made of durable material so that you can store the essentials inside safely.

This Pet Evac kit features a comprehensive med pack, blanket, and light, among other items. Here is a full list of essentials you’ll get in the package:
  • 8 oz. cat food;
  • 12 4oz. water bags;
  • 2 collapsible food/water bowls;
  • 1 first aid kit with bandages, dressing, antiseptic, clotting agent, and an ID tag, among other items;
  • 6ft leash;
  • 1 blanket;
  • 1 light;
  • 1 water-resistant card-holder;
  • 1 disposable litter box and scoop;
  • Disposable bags for waste;
  • Cat toys.
  • Contains all the essentials one may need;
  • A lightweight kit;
  • An affordable option.

  • The cinch bag is not the sturdiest option to carry all the items with you.

How to Make an Emergency Kit for Your Cat

gray cat sits on woman’s lap

Putting together your pet emergency kit is not that hard, especially if you are aware of what your cat will require in the near future. While you might be tempted to go all out and buy every single item you think your cat will need, you should always remember that emergencies require you to pack light and only essentials. Here are a few items that you must include in your cat emergency kit:


Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food, Flaked Tuna Feast - (24) 3...
Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food, Flaked Tuna Feast – (24) 3…
Twenty-Four (24) 3 Oz. Can – Purina Fancy Feast Flaked Tuna Feast Wet Cat Food; Tender Tuna For Delicious Taste

You should think about how you will be able to feed your cat. You can stock up with canned cat food that has a wet presentation. Wet food provides hydration, as well as nutrition, and reduces the amount of water your cat will need to take.

However, if your cat is used to dry food, make sure you pack it, too. Introducing new food during the quarantine or any other emergency might leave your cat with a stomach upset at a time when there is no access to vets.


The cat emergency kit should contain enough water, at least for three days. It should be at least 8 oz. You can also include some water purification tablets that can be used to clean water from any source. A collapsible bowl that is easy to clean must be in your kit, too, so that your cat can eat and drink from it.

Litter Box and Tools

Kitty's WonderBox Disposable Litter Box, Medium, 3-Count
Kitty’s WonderBox Disposable Litter Box, Medium, 3-Count
Will not leak, tear, or shred; Functions as odor control, litter box liner, and disposable litter box

If you are staying at home, you may not need an additional litter box and other equipment. However, it is better to have this disposable item in your cat emergency kit in case of any unexpected situations.

It is better to buy a small, collapsible litter box and stock up with enough litter, preferably in a zip lock bag. You can use a little at a time to ensure that it lasts for at least three days. You should also pack some disposable garbage bags for disposing of the litter.


You should own a carrier for your cat protection or easy transportation if needed. The bottom of such a product should be lined with pads that absorb urine and any other spills. It should be spacious enough for your cat to lie in, and for you to put the litter box and feeding bowls inside when the carrier is not in use.

First Aid Kit

ER Emergency Ready Ultimate Deluxe Pet Survival Kit for Two...
ER Emergency Ready Ultimate Deluxe Pet Survival Kit for Two…
Great way to ensure that your dogs are protected and safe in case of an emergency; Packaged in large, durable nylon bags for strategic survival purposes

Use a checklist to ensure that you include all the essential items that should be in the cat first aid kit. The essentials include antibiotic ointment, gauze, scissors, and bandages. If your cat takes any medication, you should pack at least one week’s supply of it. You should also have several pairs of disposable latex gloves in case you will need to treat your cat’s injury.

Harness and Leash

Pack an extra harness and leash in case the one your cat has on gets broken or destroyed. These items will be useful in transporting your pet or taking your cat out for some exercise if it is allowed.

Collar and Tag

On Sale
Upgraded Version - Reflective Cat Collar with Bell, Set of...
Upgraded Version – Reflective Cat Collar with Bell, Set of…
WORKS ON MANY PETS – Great collars for cats and small dogs and other small pets as well.; ADJUSTABLE SIZE – The size of the Breakaway Cat Collars is 7-11″ (adjustable range)

Your cat should always have a collar on. Carrying an extra one in your emergency bag ensures that you have a replacement if the original one gets lost. The collar should be clearly labeled with all your cat’s identification information.

Waterproof Envelop with Your Cat’s Information

30pcs Plastic Envelopes, Clear Reusable Poly Envelope...
30pcs Plastic Envelopes, Clear Reusable Poly Envelope…
Package contains 30 clear folders, A4 size.; Super large capacity: can store up to 200 sheets of A4 paper per folder.

Put pictures of your cat in a waterproof envelope and store it somewhere. It will help rescuers to identify your pet if it gets lost. Make sure to include these details about your cat:

  • License number;
  • Microchip number;
  • Veterinary records;
  • Phone number of your regular vet and a nearby clinic;
  • Two places to which you could evacuate your pet. One place should be near, and the other should be farther away.

Final Remarks

Creating an emergency kit for your cat is quite simple once you know which items you should include. However, if you don’t have time to put one together, you can get some already packed kits.

In my opinion, the ER Emergency Ready cat kit is the best one on the market. However, each of the other three that I have reviewed here is also quite good. Purchase the right option for your cat, taking into consideration the size of the survival package and the number of items you require.

Do you own any cat survival pack from this review? If yes, have you used it so far? Are there any items I should have added to a DIY cat emergency preparedness kit? Let me know in the comment section below.

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