5 Best Cat Brush Gloves to Buy in 2020 for Effortless Grooming

Uh-oh, is it that time of the year again? Yep, it’s heavy shedding period once again, and if you don’t like collecting your pet’s hair all over the house, then some solution to this issue has to be found. Well, the solution was found some time ago, and it’s called cat brushes. However, many felines get extremely stressed at the sight of brushes, which is why people invented an even better solution – cat gloves! I’ve personally gone through numerous options to find the best grooming gloves for cats and share this knowledge with other cat enthusiasts like me!

Best Grooming Gloves for Cats of My Choice:

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Self-adjustable to various hand sizes
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Handson Pet Grooming Gloves - #1 Ranked, Award Winning...
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Search for the Best Cat Grooming Glove

If you’ve only recently acquired a cat or maybe you’ve had one for some time, and you’re just now entering the cat grooming community, then you have to learn about grooming options available to you. Deshedding is one of the first things you should dive in. Cat brushes and cat brushing gloves are directly related to this field.

You can probably guess what a cat brush is. It’s a simple brush that is adjusted to the cat’s fur through the use and combination of specific soft and hard materials. Sadly, as stated before, many cats can’t stand brushes, which is why there is a better option for brushing your cat.

When it comes to brushing gloves, there is a lot more nuance to this. Unlike a basic brush, a grooming glove is something that slips onto your hand. The bottom half of the glove usually has rubber or silicone nubs with which you can comb the delicate hair of your pet.

When choosing a cat grooming glove, you should first consider the design and how it will define the grooming experience for you and your lovely little pet. Most grooming gloves are exclusively right-handed, and if you are left-handed, this can bring you some headache. Additionally, many manufacturers try to win over new customers by adding complimentary items to the gloves. Nonetheless, in this amazon cat brush gloves review, I’ll try to focus solely on the gloves.

Here comes the design. You can choose a more restrictive design for your glove, or you may prefer the design of a mitten, which feels way more comfortable. This decision is crucial, as it decides how agile the process will be and how much functionality you’ll have during the actual grooming. Also, the glove should be easily adjustable to not complicate things by sitting awkwardly on your hand. If your kitty doesn’t like grooming at all, then your glove sticking to the hand is essential. Another important factor, which I’ll scrutinize, is durability as compared to the price. Most gloves cost around $15 with a deviation of $10 up and down. While all options offer relatively the same functionality and performance, some cheap cat brush gloves can be made from questionable materials that are dangerous for your cat!

Top 5 Grooming Gloves for Cats Reviewed

1. DELOMO – An Outstanding Self-Adjustable Cat Grooming Glove

The first product on the list comes from DELOMO. This is a highly-specialized company that offers many pet-oriented items. Some of the products they have in their lineup include a shock collar and a pet water fountain.

The cat brush hand glove is by far the most popular choice on the list. If you don’t want to bother yourself with becoming acquainted with all the grooming intricacies, then opt for this obvious ‘people’s choice,’ as it offers a simple solution grooming glove for cats.

Value for Money 8/10

Monetarily speaking, this glove sits right in the middle of the ‘money spectrum,’ and it offers a lot of certain functionality for its price. The glove claims to be able to handle both long- and short-haired cats, and I can confirm this claim. There are two color options available: red and blue. While there is nothing special about the blue one, the red version is, for some mysterious reason, more expensive, by whole 5$ while not offering anything more.

Easy to Clean 6/10

This glove is an ‘upgraded version’ with 255 silicone tips, which makes the glove an absolute performer but harder to clean. Although the hair removing part is silicone, the fur still sticks to it a bit, making it a pain in the neck to clean. You can help yourself by using water, as the glove is water-resistant, but then you’ll have to deal with a drain full of your cat’s fur.

Easy to Use 9/10

I believe that this item is partially successful at being the ‘one-size-fits-all’ product. We all know that everyone is unique, and it’s hard to find a product that is suitable for almost everything, especially if it’s a glove. Nonetheless, the folk at DELOMO succeeded at this task and created a self-adjustable design that allows people with both small and big hands to use their products.

Overall Performance 8/10

In the end, if you don’t mind spending a couple of minutes cleaning your glove, then this is a viable option for you. The glove cat brush is comfortable and effective at removing shedding hairs from your beloved cat.

  • Comfortable
  • Excellent at removing hair
  • Self-adjustable to various hand sizes

  • Harder to clean
  • Pricey red version

2. HandsOn Shedding, Bathing, Grooming Gloves – A Well-rounded Cat Glove Brush

As you might have guessed, this cat grooming glove is the highest-rated glove, although it’s the second most popular on the list. Why does it have such a high rating? One word: performance. HandsOn, the company that envisioned and created this product, decided that performance is king when it comes to brushing your cat. Overall, the HandsOn brand specializes in creating gloves for various purposes that offer industry-level performance.

Value for Money 6/10

Although the gloves offer versatility and a great deal of performance, still they take place on the higher-end of the money spectrum. If your pet doesn’t shed much, then these gloves would lie in your cupboard, not being used to their fullest potential.

Easy to Clean 9/10

Unlike the previous entry, these gloves are entirely made out of some rubber fusion. The nips are the only things to which the fur sticks on the gloves. Other sides of the gloves seem to completely reject the hairs, which is a great thing and makes the gloves easy to clean.

Easy to Use 8/10

The gloves are a tight fit, which is why HandsOn offers five size options, which is quite impressive and something you won’t see when it comes to gloves. Due to the tight fit, your hands can easily reach and comfortably massage your pet, which you wouldn’t be able to do with other gloves.

Overall Performance 8/10

Seeing how well this brush glove cat item performs makes all of your questions about the high rating disappear in a moment. If your cat sheds in extreme amounts and requires grooming a couple of times a day, then this is the option for you. The gloves become even more useful if you have several cats.

  • Great with water
  • It reaches hard to reach areas
  • Wonderful for massage

  • Pricey
  • Not all sizes are present

3. Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves – An Exceptional Cat Grooming Glove for Long Haired Cats

Do you want to reach a compromise? Then I believe that people at a company with an absolutely adorable name, Pat Your Pet, have a solution for you. This company has manufactured multiple grooming accessories to care for our cute little ones, so Pat Your Pet’s item range deserves a precise look if you want to get into cat grooming.

Value for Money 7/10

This brush glove cat option sits right in the middle between all the high-end and low-end grooming gloves. If you’re only starting and don’t want to invest too much of your funds, but you also don’t want to take a gamble and lose with the cheaper-prices gloves, then this product was made for you!

Easy to Clean 5/10

The rubber part can be easily cleaned just by using nothing more than your hands. The textile part of the glove picks up cat hair with ease but doesn’t let the fur up as conveniently as you would like it to.

Easy to Use 7/10

You can slip on the Pat Your Pat’s glove brush for cats and have no worries about it slipping off, no matter how hard or soft you will groom your cat. Additionally, this glove is surprisingly well at handling long hairs. However, this is about it when it comes to functionality, which explains the score.

Overall Performance 7/10

This glove brush cat entry suits the needs of beginning groomers excellently by being a well-rounded grooming item that will perform quite well in most situations.

  • Great for beginners
  • Well-rounded item
  • It suits long-haired cats

  • Hairs stick to unwanted parts of the glove

4. Pet Grooming Glove Brush by Pet Thunder – The Most Affordable Brush Glove for Cats