Best Self Feeders for Cats to Buy in 2020

It seems that there’s an automated way of doing everything these days. Sometimes, this strips the pleasure from menial chores that can actually be therapeutic. Don’t get me wrong; I am not complaining. With my busy schedule being a vet, I appreciate not having to do everything manually. Feeding my cat is one of those tasks, not because I don’t enjoy it but because she would probably starve waiting for me from work. That’s why I use the best automatic feeder for cats and recommend you to try one this year.

As we all know, well-fed cats are happy and delightful. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, I have a solution for you. I know what feeder for cats works, and I have recommendations from friends and clients. Today, I am going to share my experience and research with you and provide my recommended list of self feeders for cats to make things easier for you.

Top 7 Best Self Feeders for Cats to Consider

Automatic cat feeders make any busy cat owner’s life a little easier. Here are the top automatic feeders that will make life better for both you and your cat.

1. One of the Best Time Feeders for Cats: Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Though different, the Surefeed Microchip feeder is excellent if you have a couple of cats. It is also great if the cats tend to tip their feeders and spill their treats all over.

This feeder senses a chip on the feline’s collar and only opens up when there’s a cat with the right collar nearby. It then closes once the cat moves away hence preventing other pets from consuming or spilling the food. I would recommend it for cats that have a prescribed diet since only they can access the meal.

Each feeder comes with a single microchip-installed collar that goes on the cat’s neck. Since the feeder is unique to a particular tag or microchip, it always keeps the food safe until that cat is ready to eat again.

The bowl holds of about two cups of food (enough for a couple of meals). One downside is that your cat can get a bit greedy once it figures out how it works. So make sure to put just enough food until you’re back home.

  • Useful if you want each cat to keep to its own food
  • Hard to tip over
  • Serves both wet or dry food
  • Battery operated

  • Сat might overfeed