Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Legs?

Cats behave differently. They may show their belly to you, blink at you slowly, groom, purr, and rub their cheeks against your body. But why do cats sleep between your legs? If you have a feline at home, you may have noticed that it likes to sleep this way a lot.

Being a happy owner of three cats, I have learned a lot about felines. Let’s take a look at the behavior and preferences of feline species to answer the question of why a cat sleeps on legs. I have highlighted five main reasons why your pet may prefer to sleep on you among all the possible locations.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Legs? Top Five Reasons

“Why does my cat lay on my legs?” Although there may be thousands of answers to this question, these facts behind your cat’s sleeping behavior are among the most popular ones. Read the information below and get along with your cat even better. Also, if someone asks you: “why does my cat lay on my legs even when there is plenty of space on the couch or bed?”, you will be proud to explain the genuine reasons to them.


Our pets may sleep for up to fifteen hours a day. While sleeping, they feel insecure, thus, tend to depend on their human’s protection. If you were wondering, “Why does my cat sleep between my legs at night?” know that they do it to feel more secure.

Since felines trust you as their human, sleeping near you gives them a sense of protection. Also, when they pick your lap to sleep on, it shows the love they have for you. Your lap seems to them as the most comfortable and secure place to sleep without worries.


Sleeping cat

From my experience, my lap is the coziest part of my body for my cats. It is because they are looking for a warm place for a comfortable sleep. Also, they can sleep near your hands to feel warm and maintain their body temperatures. Similarly, your feline may want to nap on your legs to draw some warmth from you.