What Does It Mean When Your Cat Headbutts You?

Do you arrive home after a long while to an adorable cat headbutt? Cat loves to headbutt people they love and trust. But that’s not all. Cats rub their heads on almost everything, from people’s legs to furniture and walls.

What does it mean when your cat headbutts you and the things around? For a long time, I have been trying to find out why does my cat headbutt me all the time? Well, the reasons for the headbutt may not be what you think. In fact, there are many reasons, some you may have never even imagined.

My name is Gregory Hogan. From my passion for animals and experience with my three cats, I have come to learn about cat headbutts. In this post, I will tell you what a cat headbutt is, and answer a common question most owners ask, ‘why does my cat headbutt me?’ Also, I will tell other reasons you didn’t know about that make cats headbutt everything around them. If you have been asking yourself, ‘why does my cat headbutt my face?’ Then read on.

What Is a Cat Headbutt and How Does It Look Like?

Ginger cat near the books

Before I discuss why do cats headbutt you, it’s essential to know what a cat headbutt is in the first place. A cat headbutt in technical terms is referred to as bunting. This is where your cat gently taps the head against you and wipes the cheeks against your body or any other nearby surface like furniture and walls.

Headbutting can easily be confused with cat head pressing. While headbutting is gentle, hard pressing is relentless and unnatural, and it involves pressing against objects like furniture rather than humans. Also, in hard pressing, there is no side sweeping with the cheek, and it comes with abnormal behavior like circling and strange meowing. You should pay attention to the difference and be sure to call your vet if you notice signs of hard pressing. This is because such action is always a manifestation of a neurological disorder.

Why Do Cats Headbutt?

Now you know what a cat headbutt is. So what does it mean when your cat headbutts you? We all have different ways of expressing our affection to others. Some of us listen keenly as a way of showing this. Others give a hug while most people prefer to express their love with words.

Cats express their affection to their owners too. If you see your cat headbutting on any part of your body, then it’s a sign of love. Sometimes my cat headbutts me then turns their heads other way. This is always an indication my cats want attention, especially if I have been away for some time. I usually reciprocate by playing with them, pet them, or giving them a head scratch.

Why Does My Cat Headbutt Everything?

Cat sitting on the girls legs