Pill Shooter for Cats with Specifications and Features

A pill shooter for cats is a hidden gem for cat lovers. Giving your cat a pill has to go down as one of the most daunting tasks for pet lovers like me. I have a fantastic cat Dezi who loves to cuddle. However, when it comes to taking a pill, it has to go down with a fight.

I have tried the oldest trick, to put the pill in Dezi’s food, but that wise creature has refused to take that meal. When I try feeding him the medicine, Dezi either spits the pill out or wriggles away. I cannot blame Dezi, because even for a man, this is unpleasant. However, I remember a day when my friend showed me a pill shooter for cats. This handy pill shooter for cat can administer the medicine into Dezi’s mouth. This is a quick and effortless way of giving medicaments.

There are many different types of pill shooters. I have made a step forward to bring you my list of the best pill shooters for cat on the market. Moreover, I have answered some common questions raised by cat lovers concerning the use of a pill shooter for cat. After reading through this review, you and your cat can live a comfortable and stress-free life.

What Exactly Is a Pill Shooter for Cat?

A pill shooter for cats is a simple device used in delivering a tablet or capsule of medication to the back of your cat’s throat. The pill shooter for cat ensures that a cat will swallow the pill without spitting it back out. Do you wonder how to use pill shooter for cat? It has the similar features of a typical syringe, which is inclusive of three distinct parts including a long hollow housing, an inner plunger and a rubber tip to hold the pill in place when administering.

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How to Use a Pill Shooter for Cats

Before administering the medicine, I highly recommend asking another person to help you with the process. After several medications, you can be safe to operate the dose by yourself. Your assistant should gently, but firmly hold your cat. My Dezi is very friendly, so it was not hard to hold him.

The pill shooter for cat works the same way as a syringe. You must place the capsule or pill on the popper first. Hold your cat firmly while moving its head back. During the process, you will observe the reflex while opening the mouth of your cat. You need to insert the pill gun quickly towards the back of the throat. Press the plunger down until you have delivered the pill. This requires swift movements.

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What Is a Gel Cap?

A gel cap is an empty gelatin capsule, which can be divided into two parts where you can place the medication. You can insert the gelatin capsule into the pill shooter for cat. The capsules generally fit for human use.

Recently, Dezi had several medications to take at one go. I placed the pills together into one single gelatin capsule and administered it. This technique means that Dezi received all the medications at once. However, it is essential to note that some medicines cannot be halved. Therefore, you should seek advice from your veterinarian. I covered my capsule with butter to ensure Dezi swallowed the pill smoothly.

Best Pill Shooter for Cats Review: Top Options on the Market

Below is my list of the best pill shooters for cats on the market. My choice has been made due to factors such as durability, simplicity in use, and affordability. The list also is inclusive of my top products.

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Kruuse Buster Pet Pill/ Tablet Syringe with Classic Tip

Kruuse Buster Pet Pill Tablet Syringe with Soft Tip

The Kruuse Buster Pet Pill is a natural, safe, and fast way of administering a pill or capsule to your cat. You can hold in place the syringe through the finger until the pill is firmly secured over the rubber tip.

It has a simple criterion of usage that includes filling the syringe with water while securing the pill with the grip. Gently stroke your cat until it opens its mouth while pulling back and releasing the trigger. The pill will be shot at the back of the cat’s throat. The water will help with smooth swallowing. It is a simple way of ensuring there is no stress when administering medication to your cat.

The Kruuse syringe has a great width, which protects your fingers from the claws and hostile mouth of your pet. This ensures there is little discomfort between you and your cat. The risk of the pill lodged in the throat of the cat is eliminated with the use of water that helps to swallow well.

The added features make this syringe a preference for most cat owners in terms of liquid medication. It is a simple way of medicating your cat without any fuss or fight. It has a transparent barrel to guide you in delivering the pill to your cat.

  • Convenient for feisty cats
  • Quick administration
  • Has a tip that holds the medicine in place

  • Expensive

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Afco Pet Piller Pill Shooter – Best Pill Shooter for Cat

Afco Pet Dog Cat Piller Gun Pill Shooter Push Dispenser Medicine Water Syringe Feed

The pill shooter for cat is made from high-quality plastic for delivering precise doses of medicine to your cat. The unit measures around 15 cm x 5 cm, which is appropriate for providing large doses of medicine. It is easy to operate due to the simple additions. It is also non-toxic that is why you protect your cat.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Non-toxic

  • Not suitable for liquid medication

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Pethouzz Pet Piller Pill Shooter

PETHOUZZ Pet Piller Gun Dog Pill Shooter Cat Tablet

Compared to another pill shooter for cat, it works well with small capsules. You can coat the medicine with butter for easy dispensing. The shooter comes in an array of different interchangeable silicone heads. The first bit features a small slit, which is useful for holding small pills. The other part is used for liquid dispensation.

  • Convenient for small pills
  • Interchangeable silicone heads

  • Not advisable for large pills

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Pill Gun for Cats: Pet Piller with Soft Rubber Syringe Tip and Plunger

Pet Piller Pill Gun with Soft Rubber Syringe Tip and Plunger

The popper has a soft rubber tip that has been secured tightly to the shaft. It is best suited for delivering half and quarter pills. However, a common problem associated with such pill shooters is that pet will hardly swallow while medicine administrating.

You should be armed with a water syringe to be used afterward or better be prepared with a treat for your cat. Other pets put up a fight, but a treat can erase that moment. I always advise making use of a gel cap smeared with butter before handing over to your cat. This will give it that peace of mind after an unpleasant procedure.

  • Soft rubber tip
  • Highly convenient
  • High quality

  • Can be easily spat out

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Feline Greenies Pill Pockets Cat Treats

Feline Greenies Pill Pockets Cat Treats

When you have had a hard time in administering medication with your cat, maybe it is high time to switch up your approach. Ease up on using the pill shooter and opt for the capsule pockets that come in a variety of flavors. You no longer need to hide your medicine in the cat’s tuna anymore.

These treats remove the need for administering capsules, tablets, or pills. It features simple pouches that hide the smell and flavor of medicine. This also delivers a delicious salmon aroma that fits your cat’s taste. These low-calorie pill pockets are a healthier alternative to human food. It has a rich nutrient concentration of protein, fat, moisture, and fiber. It is advised to get rid of the medicine smell that your hands can have when using the pill pockets.

  • Easy to use
  • Low-calorie diet
  • Available in different flavors

  • Expensive compared to other regular pill pockets

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Butter Sales Bullseye Pillgun: Best Pill Shooter for Cats

Butler Sales Bullseye Pillgun Pet Pill Popper For Dogs and Cats Dispense Multiple Tablets

As it goes by the name, the pill shooter is precise when it comes to delivering medication directly in the cat’s mouth. It is manufactured from high-quality plastic and ranks among the most durable pill shooters on the market.

The pill shooter for cat has a large capsule holder that can accommodate various tablets, making it crucial when giving multiple medicines to your cat. The semi-hard plastic container holds the pill or tablet in place at the tip of the syringe. It is important to ensure that the medicine will not fall off or be shuttered when shot into your cat’s mouth. However, it is not best suited for delivering liquid medication. Hence, you need to have an alternative for chasing down the pill after administering it.

  • Semi-hard plastic for holding pills
  • Large pill holder
  • High-quality plastic

  • Not appropriate for liquid medication

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What Is the Best Pill Shooter for Cats and the Way to Choose It?

This is a controversial question as every pet lover appreciates different features of the product. Most cat pill shooters have similar designs. There are few signs of quality that you should look out for when purchasing the product. You should ensure that the pill shooter is manufactured from a durable and easy to hold the material. It also displays the correct size of your cat’s mouth. Remember about the nature of material and the cost of the product.

So, how to use pill shooter for cat and which is my favorite one? I highly recommend the Kruse Pet Pill Syringe pill shooter for cat, which is highly comfortable when you hold it with your finger. It also allows withdrawing small amounts of liquid that are useful in chasing down the pill. You can additionally wash and air-dry the pill shooter for repeated use. Most pill shooters come in a pack of two or ten. Check the above review on how to use a pill shooter for cats. The additional soft rubber ensures that the pills are held firmly without causing any form of discomfort in the cat’s mouth.

However, which pills do you need to compound when administering with the pill shooter for cats? Do you have an alternative way of how to use pill shooter for cat for beginners? I would like to hear from you in the comment section below!

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