About Us

Hello and welcome to Catademy. Whether you already have a cat or are just looking to add cute kittens to your family, we’re here to lend you a helping paw. Our blog authors are long-term cat parents who adore cats and kittens of every size, color, and character. There’s so much random cat info online, it’s frustrating. We’ve decided to create this blog aiming to collect the most up-to-date cat-related info in one place.

At Catademy, we’re on a mission to share everything we know about cats, particularly, some helpful tips on how best to take care of them. Here’s what you’ll enjoy reading about on our blog.

  • Cat health: all the latest info on how to help your purrfect pet lead a healthy life.
  • Cat behavior: you want a well-behaved four-legged friend, don’t you? With just a little bit of training, you can help your needy kitty transform into a well-mannered independent cat.
  • Cat training: with some tips on cat training from our experts, you will definitely make your life-with-a-cat easier.
  • Cat food: if you want to know what is the best food for your feline friend or how to make homemade cat yummies, we’re here to help.
  • Cat product reviews: we aim to assist you in buying what’s best for your cat and i.e. save your time and money.

Meet Nora

Hi there, fellow cat lover. My name is Nora Glover, I’m the leading author here at Catademy. I’ve loved cats all my life and started getting to know them when my grandpa gave me the cutest little kitten in the world for my 6th birthday. Even being a kid myself, I approached being a cat parent very seriously. When I was about 11, I asked my parents to buy me a Cat Encyclopedia. I remember studying it for days, both for fun and to prepare myself for my future profession. Yep, even back then I already wanted to be a cat doctor 🙂

I’m 35 now, and my passion for cats has only grown since then. I did make a detour to the field of sales and marketing when I was younger. I still haven’t quit my job in this area, but my true passion is cat care and training. I’m in the process of becoming a certified feline veterinarian now and planning to open my own cat rescue center in the future. During my more than 25 years of owning cats, I have learned a lot about them. Via this blog, I want to pass that info onto you, assisting you in becoming the best cat parent you possibly can.

Meet Hazel and Gregory: our contributing authors